Career fair to take place at Multi-Purpose Center

Are you searching for a future career or simply want a head start in the working world? The career fair will take place on Feb. 9, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the Multi-Purpose Center on campus.

Hosted by Career Services Executive Director Joseph Lyons, several improvements have occurred from the previous semester. The location has been changed from Gateway to the MPC to accommodate a total of 94 employers. There will be opportunities to speak with professionals and build early networks directly. Not only that but now on-the-spot interviews will be provided upstairs. These will be one-on-one conversations. 

Participation in the career fair will be beneficial for all classifications and majors. No matter the field of expertise, one will need to be able to market themselves properly. The one-on-one conversation experience with real employers will be valuable practice for the future. Furthermore, the potential to form early networks and references cannot simply be passed up. There is always the chance that an employer might remember. It’s possible to also be offered an internship. While most of these are not paid, they build the resume. 

“All majors should attend because employers are not exactly looking at your major, they care more about your skills and leadership qualities,” Lyons said. “Someone who went to school for biology could still be a valid candidate for an unrelated position such as a sales representative or office worker. Work experience of any kind can also go a long way.” 

Lyons wants to encourage all attendees to dress formally for the occasion and plan ahead. He says it is important to know which employers you wish to talk to, and possibly some responses for interview questions. It also would be a good idea to bring a copy of one’s resume and cover letter. They aid in the interviewing process.

Be ready to follow up. Ask for business cards and exchange contact info. These will be needed for the follow-up after the career fair.

Lyons offers that through fair interactions, you should have an idea of who to keep working with. Keep in good contact with them. Even if you’re not directly getting a job with them, it is still a good practice that will not go unnoticed. The individual you contact can become a strong reference for the future. One of your contacts could somehow be connected to another place you’re currently applying to. Networking works both ways. Those who are already in the business are still creating branches. 

With all that said, the career fairs might come around every semester, but students should still try to attend all of them. Persistence is key to success and networking never hurts. Show up dressed nicely and be ready to answer many questions.

For more information please contact Career Services Executive Director Joseph Lyons at [email protected]. Or call 804 524-5211.

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