Newly selected Mr. Virginia State University Christopher Lawrence stands next to Miss Virginia State University Aliyah Mayers. Photo by Malik Johnson.

Mister & Miss Virginia State selected for 2023-2024

How did you prepare to run for Miss Virginia State University?

Aliyah Mayers – I made sure to reach out to previous VSU and HBCU queens so they can guide me and give me advice. I made sure to really sit down with myself and ask WHY do I want to be Miss VSU and what values do I add to our institution. I made sure that the platform/theme I ran off of was meaningful to me and can be used for students as well.
Christopher Lawrence – I prepared to run for Mister Virginia State University by making sure my time management is always up to par. To be prepared I had to be organized and balance my school work and keep myself acquainted with the moving components of a pageant. I knew I wanted to run for the title for the first time a year ago during the pageant of the 32nd Mister Virginia State University and the 94th Miss Virginia State University. I knew I wanted changes on the campus but didn’t know how to implement them, so hearing the platforms of the previous pageant I discovered this title could be the perfect route to take for the changes I wanted to see made.

What was going through your mind when they announced you won the pageant?

Aliyah Mayers – Hearing my name as Miss Virginia State University was a memorable time. I just thanked God because he was with me every step of the way. I was happy because I felt like I made my mom and family in the audience proud. And I was really proud of myself for getting through everything because it was a long 2 weeks of campaigning and pageant practice. I was also just so anxious to begin my reign, to have events, to be at the football games, to speak to students in the local schools, and go to conferences.
Christopher Lawrence –When they announced I won the pageant the only thing that was going through my mind is “Thank the Heavenly Father !” I was so grateful that I was stepping in that position. I felt like my vision of what I saw for the school was starting to form even though I was just announced Mister Virginia State University.

What does it mean, to you, to be Mister & Miss Virginia State University?

Aliyah Mayers – This position means being a role model and inspiration to all VSU students. It means being able to show my love and loyalty for VSU through this platform. I believe this is one of my biggest accomplishments and my biggest leadership position and so I want to contribute to the legacy of queendom at VSU.
Christopher Lawrence –To me being Mister Virginia State University means that I have a high standard to uphold. I must be the example that I want to see , it also means to me that I can’t be afraid to ask for guidance and learn the best ways to conduct myself for this position so I can properly fulfill it. Being Mister Virginia State University means that I have to inspire, inspire the youth and fellow students at Virginia State.

What do you plan to bring into the role?

Aliyah Mayers – I plan to serve as a poised and genuine queen. I want to uphold all of my platform points as well as make sure that I am representing the student body on campus and off. One of my platform points is to have a “Launch Your Legacy” Career conference and I want to really execute that and bring career/networking opportunities to VSU students outside of the career expositions we have. This event will consist of guest speakers, alumni, and former kings and queens who can pour into us and guide as we matriculate from college.
Christopher Lawrence –What I plan to bring to the role is my platform brought to life and that is “Today can build a better tomorrow, so let’s get F.L.Y. and forget the losses of yesterday.”
My platforms focuses creativity and uniqueness that isn’t even expected. I focus on social inclusion, unity , business development and scholarly duties to cultivate my reign as Mister Virginia State University.

What do you want the Trojan student body to know about you and about your upcoming reign at Virginia State?
Aliyah Mayers –I want them to know that I am so grateful for their support throughout this campaign season. And I want them to know that they have a queen who will always love, respect, and support them. I look forward to many amazing events and community service opportunities next school year.
Christopher Lawrence –I want the Trojan student body to know that I’m an person that puts works behind his word. I’m the type of person that points to GOD to give glory so no matter the multitude of great works I ever accomplish , the credit does not belong to me , but to GOD. I’m so thankful to grow and learn with the student body because this is a learning experience for us all but also a beautiful experience that will make an impact on the history of the illustrious Virginia State University.

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