Editorial: Early registration vital to students


Nakhii Young, Staff Writer

Lately, important emails have been sent out to VSU students about Spring 2023 Registration. A head start on spring registration allows students to lock in their spot and not have to be put on a waiting list.

The benefit of early registration is that students are able to have a plan for the next semester. Students are able to determine their schedules based on the time and day of their preference.

Joyce Ellenwood,  Interim Ace Director (ACE), shared what students should do if interested in certain professors for their upcoming courses.

“Students should look for professors they are interested in ensuring that they can take their separate classes before classes close.” Ellenwood said.

In addition to students registering for Spring 2023 courses, it is important to see your advisor. Students should consider making an appointment with their advisor before the registration begins. Students should not wait until the first day of registration to see their advisors because it reduces the open availability in classes.

Speaking with the ACE Director, Ms. Ellenwood stated her opinion on how reaching out to your advisors in advance is better than waiting until the last minute.

“Reaching out to your advisor as early as a month or two before the registration cycle begins is recommended,” Ellenwood said.

While students may feel it is difficult to contact their advisors, the process is actually quite simple. Ms. Ellenwood suggested that students should check their emails from department chairs or advisors.

Although, Ms. Ellenwood quoted “that students who are still unsure who their academic advisor is can check with the department chair of their major.”

Apart from contacting your academic advisor, there are a few resources students can use to figure out their class schedules which Ms. Ellenwood explained.

“Students who attend VSU have access to the academic catalog on the VSU website. After accessing the academic catalog on the website, students can simply scroll through the catalog and see what their major curriculum requires them to take in the future. Another resource to figure out your class schedule is meeting up with your advisor and reviewing your major curriculum.

Students can also log onto the VSU banner, click on student, and then scroll down to the end and click on degree works. Degree works will populate a worksheet that will show students what their requirements are, and what classes they are required to take for their major. If students are using degree works, it must be used in conjunction with an academic advisor.” Ellenwood said.

However, discussing the importance of checking emails, contacting advisors, and accessing VSU banner for class schedules is valid but in order to make sure you are good to go for next semester is having your registration pin number.

A registration pin number is an access code that allows you to log on to the VSU banner and add your classes for each semester. However, the registrar’s office provides returning students with a pin number that is released by the academic advisors office.

The reason for this process is to ensure that students have met with their advisors and have discussed plans for their future classes before adding them to the schedule.