The Virginia Statesman needs your input


Staff Editorial

As The Virginia Statesman’s staff begins to publish content to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Soundcloud, we ask you, the students, to let us know what you want to see.

In the coming weeks, you will see a variety of Twitter polls asking you to tell us what you want covered. Please follow us and share with your friends, as we build our platform for you, the students, faculty, and staff of the university.

It is the goal of our social media platforms to provide VSU with a variety of content in a schedule that allows you to find what you are looking for.

As we head into the spring, our social media team plans on using Twitter to cover spring sports in a current manner, tweeting updated scores with baseball and softball and posting recaps of tennis and track.

Short interviews on campus will be part of our team’s video coverage and will appear on YouTube and Instagram.

And finally, we will use Soundcloud to launch a series of podcasts.

Click on this link to find all of the social media platforms.