Staff Editorial: Welcoming the Class of 2026, the largest incoming group in years


The staff of the Virginia Statesman is excited to welcome the Class of 2026 to campus.

There are so many exciting things that you will experience here as a freshman, and that is why this “Welcome Back” issue is geared towards new students.

We thought that rather than have our staff put into words why it is so great to be a Trojan, we would let some of the students on campus answer that question.

“What is great about being a Trojan is the number of networking opportunities you can receive based on certain organizations you are in, or have expressed interest in. I also think ACE on the second floor of the library provides an excellent opportunity to go and get help whenever you need. For example, if you are stuck on a paper and need extra assistance, that is a great place to go and get help,” said Ahmad Rattley.

“I love being a Trojan here at Virginia State University because it is an exciting experience being around with people of color with great talents and vast knowledge, no matter the major they take. The students and professors treat everyone like family and it is very warm and loving here,” said Tyree Baker.

“I think something that is great about being a Trojan is no matter where you go, you will always have a family,” said Tyona Harris.

“I look forward to building new relationships with other people who will be life-long friends or potential colleagues. I am exciting about the experience at an HBCU, and I keep hearing how over the top homecoming is. I am just glad I’ll get to be a part of that experience,” said Andrea Kearney.

-Artwork by Jalynn White