This is The Virginia Statesman



he Virginia Statesman is a print and online newspaper and an informational source for all students, faculty, and community at Virginia State University. We strive to bring students together to stay informed on all relevant issues. We look to tell stories and give the student perspective on campus issues in our writing.

We report everything with journalistic integrity and the First Amendment in mind.

Our print edition of The Virginia Statesman comes out monthly, while our online edition,, has more up-to-date content. Print issues cover more significant university events and often feature students on campus. We plan to release at least two print issues in the Spring semester. We live in an uncertain time so release dates may change. We will continually update our online newspaper and our social media. The online newspaper features breaking news that we must report before the print issues are released. Readers can find photo galleries, sports updates, and more in our online newspaper.

Readers can discover print newspapers for free in Foster Hall, Gateway, and Jones Dining Halls. The newspaper will always be free because we believe that the student voice should be accessible for all.

The newspaper staff mainly consists of Mass Communications majors – but all majors are welcome to join. This issue is just the beginning; we plan to recruit more staff and expand our content throughout the semester. To inquire about joining our team, email [email protected].