Junior Destiny Johnson helps her hallmates as Resident Assistant


Lesli Evans, Contributing Writer

When first getting to college becoming a Resident Assistant was not on the top of Destiny Johnson’s to-do list. She imagined herself out having fun at parties with friends on weekends and not doing rounds in the dorm.

Johnson has been an RA at Virginia State University for two years now. She says being an RA helps her stay highly motivated and keeps her involved in her campus community.

Johnson has always been passionate about helping others. In high school, Johnson worked as a part-time tutor because she enjoyed seeing other students succeed. She says becoming an RA was one of the best things she’s ever done, however, at the time she didn’t realize how big of a responsibility the job was.

Johnson says being an RA taught her skills that help with any and everything.

“Ever since I became an RA my skills on conflict management and time management have improved tremendously. That’s what happens though when you’re responsible for over 30 students.

Ever since becoming an RA Johnson has made many friends and feels more involved in her school. She says the opportunities presented to her ever since becoming an RA have helped her branch out more and make more acquaintances.

“When I became an RA, I felt more involved with VSU. I also met some of my best friends who are also RAs. “

Johnson plans on keeping her job as an RA until she graduates next year.

“My friends and I have already decided to stay as RA’s for the rest of our time here at VSU. I really do love my job and will miss it when I graduate”.

Ever since becoming an RA Johnson has not only gained life skills but lifelong friends in the making. Being an RA is more than just free housing. She believes the experience is well worth it.