Staff Editorial: Spring class registration struggles

Staff Editorial

Class registration opens on Oct. 24 for the spring semester. All students should meet with their advisors and determine what classes they wish to take for the spring semester. Meeting with your advisor to ensure you are taking the courses you need for your major is critical.

For freshmen who need help with scheduling, contact your advisor or visit the ACE Department on the 2nd floor of the library for assistance.

And even though students meet with their advisors and know what classes they want to take, it is still not easy. Despite your best intentions, there are multiple reasons why things might go wrong with scheduling classes.

Classes fill up fast.

There are a lot of students here at Virginia State University, and there are a couple of required classes that all students must take. Classes like Health and Wellness fill up very fast each semester. Do not be discouraged if you don’t get a specific class; multiple semesters offer many highly-requested classes. Another thing you can do is email the professor who teaches the filled class you wish to take and ask them if they could put you in their class. Sometimes, professors can add students to specific filled courses. But don’t expect every professor to add you to a filled class.

You might not realize there is a required prerequisite for the class you want to take.

Many classes within different majors have a required prerequisite course that students must take before students can take other advanced courses. Ensure that the courses you want to put on your schedule don’t conflict with the required courses you need to take.

The times for classes you need might overlap.

Look at the time of each class you wish to take. Times may conflict with some other classes you need. If some course times overlap, try to find a course you can take instead at a different time.

Good luck to all students registering for spring semester courses. We hope you are placed in all the classes you need, and don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the exact schedule you want.