The ‘Rebirth’ of Trojan’s women’s basketball


Charnese Small, Photo Editor & Staff Writer

Coach Nadine Domond recently left her coaching position at Rutgers University as an assistant coach after six years on the sideline. She is now the new head coach of the Lady Trojans and is ready for the “Rebirth.”

Her resume is quite remarkable. While working as a coach at Grambling State she received SWAC Coach of the Year recognition. Domond later became the assistant coach at Rutgers University from 2016-2021.

She has worked in many capacities in basketball. She worked as a Nike skills trainer and instructor while employed by the premier company, traveling the entire nation.

Coach Domond, who was drafted 19th overall by the New York Liberty, played for five seasons (1997-2001) in the WNBA.

Coach Domond has stated from the start that VSU’s women’s basketball is undergoing a rebirth, which represents an opportunity to create something fantastic at Virginia State.

“People need to realize that this school is so special,” Coach Domond said. “I know they’ve had some great coaches in the past, but I want to build on it and take it to the next level.”

Coach Domond says that her strategy for improving the team from previous performances is to stimulate them physically and mentally. She says this with humility, but with a wealth of knowledge to take it to the next level.

She wants people to recognize the Virginia State women’s basketball team on a larger stage.

“It’s who we are. It’s who we’re going to be,” Domond said. “We love to play hard. We love to play smart. We love to execute, and we love to take care of the basketball. Excellence is that standard, increasing our degree of effort.”

For the team to grasp the passing of the torch and what is being constructed in the process, this team must understand the past. This is why she believes in inviting alumni back to the team’s practices.

Coach Domond thinks that by being themselves and giving it their all on and off the court, from mental stability to physical stability, they can never be outworked in a tournament.

“Comparison and jealousy are theft of all joy,” Domond said. “As long as we control what we can, we can be the best versions of ourselves every day.”

Coach understands that this is all a work in progress but she is extremely proud of the steps already made. They have buckled down over the summer and during the preseason. They keep buckling down each day; everybody leaves all they have on the court.

Coach Domond believes that challenging the team is the way of life. She accepts that nothing is given, and everything is acquired. Conditioning for her team is more mental than physical.

Coach Domond’s overall goal is to win a national championship here at Virginia State by any means necessary.

“It will take the community and everybody to create the atmosphere to make it work, so let’s take it one day at a time.”